NIZAMI meeting in the frame of the Erasmus+ - Key Action 2
NIZAMI meeting in the frame of the Erasmus+ - Key Action 2 - Capacity building in the field of higher education, Key Action 2: Cooperation for innovation and the exchange of good practices took place on September 26-28, 2016 in Uppsala Sweden.
The NIZAMI project is in restructuring and development of doctoral studies in Azerbaijan in line with requirements of European higher education area.
First day of the meeting September 16, 2016, there were review and discussions about WP1 State Of The Art – Doctoral Studies. 
Review of state of the art from EU experience and standards through presentation of EU report coordinated by Amparo CORTES (Barcelona, Spain)
Speaker: Véronique Montero.
Review of state of the art from Azeri experience and standards through presentation of Azeri report coordinated by Vusala GURBANOVA (Ministry of Education, Azerbaijan).
WP 5: Panel 1 Internationalization and Doctoral Studies: Terminology, Developments, Strategies
Introduction about the development of WP5 for this meeting by Philipp BAUR (Uppsala University)
The discussion of WP 5 Internationalization began with four presentations from Uppsala University (UU) and Baku State University (BSU) to consider the state of the art of the discussion about internationalization in Europe and Azerbaijan. The first two ones dealt with terminologies, recent developments and strategies while presentations three and four showed case studies.
Internationalization from Azerbaijan, according to Baku State university perspective. Speaker: Ulviyya HASANOVA (Baku State University, Azerbaijan)
Internationalization from Europe, according to Uppsala university perspective.
Speaker: Leif KIRSEBOM (Uppsala University, Sweden)
WP 5: Group Session 1: Objectives of Internationalizing Doctoral Studies
WP6 Quality Plan 
Online evaluation of the day
Moderators: Michael Winckler and Sarah Steinbach (Heidelberg)
An online survey has been designed by Heidelberg University for the activity of the day.
The participants had overnight to fulfill it.
Second day Tuesday, Sept 27, 2016
WP6 Quality Plan discussions among partners
Results of WP6: Day 1 survey – Results of evaluation
WP 5 Internationalization and Doctoral Studies 
Moderator: Philipp BAUR (Uppsala University, Sweden)
WP3 High Standards in Doctoral Education 
WP3 Panel 1: General introduction to standards
Moderators : Dominika Hobzová and Monika Sieberová (Masaryk)
Third and last day Wednesday, Sept 28, 2016 more discussions  
WP6 Quality Plan 
WP3 High Standards in Doctoral Education 
WP3 Group Session: Links between Education and Research
Moderators: Dominika Hobzová and Monika Sieberová (Masaryk)
Focus on Standards “What could be High Standards for Doctoral Education?”
WP 3: Plenary Session - Training of PhD students and the skills to be developed 
Case studies
WP3 National Management Portal 
Introduction to WP7: National Management portal
“Sustainable communication in doctoral education and research” 
Speaker: Véronique Montero (Montpellier University)
Final Conclusion

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