Azerbaijan University of Architecture and Construction Partners
Country Universities Date The type of cooperation
Russian Federation Moscow State University of Geodesy and Cartography 2011 Cooperation agreement
Moscow State Construction University 20.04.2011 Cooperation agreement
Kazan State University of Architecture and Construction 25.04.2011 Cooperation agreement
Kharkiv State Technical University 2011 Cooperation agreement
Ural Scientific Research and Design Institute 2012 Cooperation agreement
Samara State University of Architecture and Construction 18.05.2012 Cooperation agreement
Saratov State Technical University 2013 Cooperation agreement
Penza State University of Architecture and Construction 22.04.2013 Cooperation agreement
State Architecture and Construction University Novosibirisk 22.01.2013 Cooperation agreement
Moscow Architectural Institute 18.10.2014 Cooperation agreement
Novosibirisk State  Academy of  Arts  and Architecture 18.10.2014 Cooperation agreement
Rostov State Construction University 18.10.2014 Cooperation agreement
Siberian Federal University 18.10.2014 Cooperation agreement
Tomsk State University of Architecture and Construction 18.10.2014 Cooperation agreement
Ufa State Oil Technical University 18.10.2014 Cooperation agreement
Tambov State Technical University 18.10.2014 Cooperation agreement
Kazakhstan Kazakh Academy of Architecture and Construction 30.11.2012 Cooperation agreement
Kyzylorda State University 2016 Cooperation agreement
Uzbekistan Tashkent Architecture and Construction University 30.10.2013 Cooperation agreement
The Republic of Georgia Georgia State Academy of Arts 06.11.2013 Cooperation agreement
Georgian Technical University 02.06.2014 Cooperation agreement
Ukraine Odessa State Academy of Architecture and Construction 2011 Cooperation agreement
Kyiv National University of Construction and Architecture 2011 Cooperation agreement
Zaporeziya State University 2016 Cooperation agreement
South Korea Pusan National University 01.11.2011 "Public Investment Capacity Building Project" with World Bank
Konkuk University 06.01.2012
The Islamic Republic of Iran Seraj High Education Institute 2009 Cooperation agreement
Tabriz University 2009 Cooperation agreement
Turkey Ankara University 26.05.2009 Cooperation agreement
İstanbul Technical University 03.2011
Cooperation agreement
Mimar Sinan University 2011 Cooperation agreement
Hacettepe University 22.06.2012 Cooperation agreement
Qazi University 26.04.2013 Cooperation agreement
Atatürk University 04.04.2013 Cooperation agreement
Bartın University 2013 Mevlana Exchange Program
Osmanqazi University 2013 Mevlana Exchange Program
Sakarya University 2013 Mevlana Exchange Program
Middle East Technical University 2009
Cooperation agreement
Mevlana Exchange Program
Yıldız Technical University   Cooperation agreement
Qaziantep University 2016 Mevlana Exchange Program
Fırat University 2013 Mevlana Exchange Program
Çukurova University 2013 Mevlana Exchange Program
Egypt Cairo University   Cooperation agreement
Sapienza University 2011 Cooperation agreement
Florenice University 21.03.2012 Cooperation agreement
Politecnico di Torino 2012 (EM_BACKIS_2012)
Polytechnic University of Turin 2012 (EM_TEMPO_2012)
University of Pavia 2012
Polytechnic University of Milan 2015 ERASMUS+KA1
La Sapienza de Roma 2015 TEMPUS
Siegen University 28.05.2013 Cooperation agreement
England Northampton University 06.2013 Cooperation agreement
Anglia Ruskin University 27.03.2014 Cooperation agreement
Austria Vyana Technical University 14.06.2010 Cooperation agreement
France Monpelye University 2 2012
The Academy of Grenoble 2016 ERASMUS PLUS K2
University of Paris 13 2015 TEMPUS
Paris Sedex University 2016 ERASMUS PLUS K2
Estonia Tallin University 2012 (EM_BACKIS_2012)
The Czech Republic Mazaryk University 2012 (EM_BACKIS_2012)
Spain País Vasco  Euskampus University 2012 EM_BACKIS_2012
University of Alicante 2012 TEMPUS_E-NOTES_2012
University of Cordoba 2012 EM_TEMPO_2012
University of A Coruña 2012
TEMPUS Dual diplom
Vasco Pais University 2012 ERASMUS PLUS
Poland Adam Mickiewicz 2012 EM_BACKIS_2012
University of Technology and Life Sciences 2012 TEMPUS_E-NOTES_2012
Lodz University 02.02.2013 Cooperation agreement
Belgium University of Antwerp 2012 EM_BACKIS_2012
Portugal Lisbon Technical University 2012
Polytechnic Institute of Tomar 2012 EM_TEMPO_2012
University of Fernando Pessoa 2012 EM_TEMPO_2012
Leiria University 2015 TEMPUS Dual diplom
Lisboa University 2015 ERASMUS PLUS
Sweden The Royal Institute of Technology 2012 TEMPUS_E-NOTES_2012
Republic of Lithuania Vilnyus Gediminas Technical University 13.01.2010
Cooperation agreement
Institute of Information Technology 2012 (TEMPUS_E-NOTES_2012)
Greece University of Patras 2015 TEMPUS
The Republic of Latvia Information Systems Management Institute 2012 (TEMPUS_E-NOTES_2012)