This Action is all about providing opportunities for individuals to improve their skills, enhance their employability and gain cultural awareness.
Under Key Action 1 organizations can apply for funding to run mobility projects to enable organizations
 to offer structured study, work experience, job shadowing, training and teaching opportunities to staff and learners.
Beneficiaries are able to spend a period of time in another participating country gaining valuable experience of life, study and work with the aim of increasing the opportunities available to them in the future.
Key Action 1 covers the five fields of higher education, vocational education and training, schools, adult education and youth. It is important to note that target groups and activities for Key Action 1 vary by field.
Key Action 1 is the largest action in Erasmus+ with 63% of programme budget supporting its focus on increasing mobility and skills.
To the attention of the interested applicants for individual grants for Master/ Doctoral Programmes and short-term mobility under remaining Erasmus Mundus Master Programmes and Partnerships in 2014, please apply directly to:
In the framework of Erasmus+ the following Mobility Opportunities for Higher Education include:
Opportunities for students:
Opportunities for staff:
Opportunities for trainees:
Opportunities for Master’s Students:
For all Programmes:
"Students and academic staff' exchange during 2016-2017 within the framework of the Erasmus+ KA1
University Country Faculties Number Teaching language Period of cooperation The official website of partner university
University of Pavia Pavia, Italy
  1. Construction Engineering;
  2. Architecture;
  3. Computer Engineering;
  4. Economy
4 students (Bachelor, Master or PhD) – 6 months
4 Academic staff (PhD degree is required) – 7 days
*In the same way 1 academic staff will be selected from the partner university (instructor)
English 2017-2018
UTP – University of Science and Technology Bydgoszcz, Poland
  1. Architecture;
  2. Construction;
  3. Information and Communication Technologies;
  4. Engineering and Commercial Engineering.
2 academic staff for 7 days
 (PhD degree is required)
Vilnius Gediminas Technical University  
Vilnius, Lithuania
  1. Architecture;
  2. Construction Engineering.
1 Master Degree
(First-year students) – 5 months
English 2017-2018
Politechnico di Milano Milan,
1 Master Degree (First-year students) - 6 months
English 2015-2017
Lisbon University

Master Degree- 1 student and PhD – 1 student (Each for 6 months),
2 academic staff – 5 days
(PhD degree is required)
* In the same way 2 instructors will be selected to teach at AUAC
English 2014-2020
Celal Bayar University  Manisa, Turkey
  1. Construction Engineering
  2. Mechanical Engineering or relevant field
  3. Management.
2 students  on each specialty for 10 months
(Bachelor’s, Master’s or PhD)
In addition Summer Internship Program for 1 student for each – 2 months
2 Academic instructor staff from each specialty for 10 month
(PhD degree is required)
English 2014-2020(21)
Middle East Technical University (ODTU) Ankara, Turkey Construction Engineering Bachelor’s Degree – 2 students
(6 months)
1 Academic staff - 7 days
(PhD degree is required)
English 2014-2020 (21)
Kahramanmarash Sutchu Imam University Kahramanmarash,
Construction Engineering Bachelor’s Degree – 2 students
Master’s Degree 2 students
(Each for 12 months)
1 Academic staff – 7 days (PhD degree is required)
English 2014-2020


Dott. Eng/ Ph.D Rashad Nuraliyev
Institutional Erasmus Coordinator
Lecturer of Structural Mechanics Department 

of the Azerbaijan University of Architecture & Construction 
Alumni of University of Naples Federico II, 
Master II level of Emerging Technologies for Construction
Engineering Department