History: As the Construction Faculty was the biggest one (about 5,000 students),
by the decision of Scientific Council of the Institute  it divided into two parts: “Construction I” and “Construction II”.  In 1991 the name of “Construction II” was renamed as “Construction - Economy”  by the decree of  Institute’s Scientific Council.
There were two specializations fields in the “Construction – economy” Faculty:
  1. “Industry and civil - construction”
  2. “Construction economy and management”
“Construction economy and organization” specialty was firstly created within the “Construction” Faculty of Azerbaijan Polytechnic Institute in 1964. Later this specialty was renamed “Construction economy and management”. First dean of the faculty docent of “Construction mechanics” was Aliyev Telman Khurshud oglu. He was elected twice to dean position, guided the faculty between 1990 – 2000 years.    Since 2000 the dean of the faculty was docent of “Construction Economy”, honored teacher  Mammadova Nazima. During 2000 – 2011 years docent Mammadova N. N. was elected twice to dean position. By the decree of the President the Republic of Azerbaijan bestowed an honored teacher title on Mammadova Nazima Nagi gizi in 2006. At present the dean of the Faculty is docent of “Service areas’ economy and management” Garibov Rahad Tanriverdi oglu. 
Faculty: At present moment there are 676 full – time and  79 correspondence bachelor’s degree students, 46 full – time and 14 correspondence master’s degree students and 12 PhDs carry out scientific researches.
International Relations: Students of the Faculty studied in Spain and Lithuania within the EU “ERASMUS” Exchange Programme  in 2013 – 2015 years. Beside of this students studied in University of Sakarya within “Mevlana”  International Student Exchange Programme. Students also took an active part in summer schools organized in North Cyprus Republic of Turkey by University of Dogu Akdeniz and Istanbul Municipality Administration. 
Study: Teaching languages are Azeri and Russian. Study is implemented full – time and correspondence courses.
Training of specialists are carried   out on following specialties:
Bachelor’s Degree Course
1 Finance 050403
2 Industrial Organization and Management 050405
3 Management 050407
4 Marketing 050408
5 Business Management 050409
Master’s Degree Course
1 Insurance organization 060403
2 Industrial organization and management 060405
3 Management 060407
4 Marketing 060408
5 Business Management 060409
The Departments are:
  1. Industrial Organization and Management – chief: Prof. Mehdiyev Imran Azim
  2. Economy of Service areas and management – chief: Prof. Mammadov Mahabbat Ashir
  3. Theoretical and Construction Mechanics – chief: Prof. Aliyev Knyaz Alasgar oglu
  4. Economical theory  and marketing – chief: Docent Agayev Asaf Mirza
  5. Business organization and  management – chief: Aslanova Turan Tofig
  6. Foreign Languages – chief: Docent Mammadova Aygun Jahan
Seven professors, 32 candidates of science , 15 head teachers, 24 teachers and assistant  engaged at the Faculty.


Fields of Practice: Student could pass their probation at Chamber of Auditors of Azerbaijan Republic, “Standard Insurance” – insurance company, “Azeri” Construction Firm, “Oil – gas” construction trust SOCAR, “Azer - Inshaat” Institute of Planning, Azerbaijan branch of  Russian Limited Company “AECOM EXP”,  “Teaching and training, certification” Office, Azerbaijan Republic State Fund  Social Protection, “Mashingayirma Texnologiyasi” Scientific – Research Institute, EF Construction LTD LLC, SOCAR, “Az VIRT” LLC.
Fields of Research: Organizational Perfection of construction and other state …. , marketing research of construction materials industry in modern conditions and its features,  Perfection directions of finance and its risk protection mechanisms in business enterprises in market economy, solids mechanics, fuel and gas mechanics,  dynamics and stability of machine and devices, construction mechanics, earthquake sustainability of installations.
Following manuals were published on subject taught in Construction – Economy Faculty  in Azeri and Russian languages:
  1. “Economy of properties” Mehdiyev I. A., Aliyev A. B., Gasimov G. A.  2011
  2. “Management in Construction” Mammadov A. I., Aliyev A. M. 2013
  3. “Firm economy and ownership in construction business” Khalilov A. I., Nabiyev A. Kh. 2014
  4. “Business Planning (in construction)” Aslanova T. T. Baku 2012
  5. “Information economy”  Mehdiyev I. A.,  Aliyev A. B., Mammadova L. A., Azizova M. A. 2011
  6. “Construction Economy” Aliyev A. B., Azizova M. A. 2013
  7. “Analyses of investments and management” Aliyev A. B, Mehdiyev I. A 2013
  8. “Economy of enterprises” Hasanov H. K.  2014
  9. Economical programming factors in fuel energy complex development and management, Natig Aliyev, Mahabbat Mammadov, Baku 2013, 245 p.
  10. “Management in Construction” Mammadov M. A., Aliyev A. M. 2014
  11. “Statistics” (in Russian language) Huseynova A. M., Alakbarova L. M.  2010
  12.   “Basics of economical analyses” Binnatov A. J. 2014
  13. “Corporate management” Yusifov E. M., Novruzova A. G.  Baku 2014
  14. “Organization and development of realtor services in property market” Binnatov A. J.
  15. “Programming in strategically and economical management” Aliyev A. M. Methodical Instruction Baku – 2013
Dean: Docent Garibov Rahad Tanriverdi
Mobile: 050 333 83 31
E – mail: rahadqeribov@gamil.com
Deputy Dean : Head Teacher Binnatov Arif Javad
Mobile: 050 717 37 01
E – mail: arif0105@mail.ru
Deputy Dean: Docent Mammadova Afat Mammadhuseyn
Mobile: 050 342 96 57
E – mail: mamedova_afet4@mail.ru