The main goals and objectives of STUC: The main objectives of  STUC are to work toward solving social problems of students, to organize their leisure time, to ensure student’s rights, providing students’ participation in local and international festivals, exhibitions, competitions and contests, implementing preventions against drug addiction, alcoholism, crime, immorality and other negative inclination among the students, organizing meetings with distinguished individuals, symposiums, debates, discussion clubs, mass publicity campaigns, trainings, scientific conferences, round – tables, exhibitions, meetings, forums, festivals, seminars, contests jointly with students, publishing of newspaper and magazines in order to deliver information about students and youth activities as well as news about social and political, social – economic and cultural events, organizing services, courses, clubs, studios, circles to ensure intellectual development and students’ interests,  to analyze problems of teachers and employees, to put tasks before Scientific  Council in order to make a decision and to apply for these issues to the administration of the institution, getting information on number of students, their attendance, disciplines, providing with dormitories from relevant department and faculties, implantation of other duties not prohibited by law.

STUC implemented several events such Day of Solidarity of World Azerbaijanis and New Year, Novruz holiday, Republic Day, Independence Day, Constitution Day and etc.  in order to organize students’ leisure time. 20 January Tragedy, Khojaly Tragedy, 31 March Genocide and other such meetings are held with the support of Vice – rector for teaching and training affairs.
Students Trade Unions Committee of AzUAC
Chairman: Aslanov Bayram Mirazim
Address: A. Sultanova 11, Az 1073, 1st  Study Building, 4th floor, Baku.
Phone: (+994 12) 538 30 71
E – mail:
Facebook  page: Azerbaycan Memarliq ve Inshaat Universitetinin Telebeleri