Internship and Career Center

                On of the  main principles in higher education is ensuring comprehensive relations between HEIs and production. Science-based solution of this question will improve training of specialists.
It is known that the industrial experience Is one of the most important  requirements of education process of students. The main objective of industrial experience is application of the knowledge, thoroughly learning of work process of the institution and learning of necessary profession ability.
             The further development of industrial experience combines implementation of complex measures, creating complex system of quality management of specialists training provided by the institution and ensuring long-lasting efficiency.  
Considerable works has been done in the expedient development of complex program related with production and defining relations between organization and production. 
Organization of industrial experience and guidelines developed and applied in the department   and  “The methodical instructions on production experience of specialty 0511”, “Construction, road machinery equipment”, ”Memory for alumni”, “Methodical recommendations on the organization and conduction  of the production practices of foreign students” etc.  necessary methodological means were developed  an submitted to  university library.
Also, Department of Employment Practice of AzUAC  in order to assist in the organization of practices developed educational suppliers as " Methodical instructions on conducting the preparation and carrying out of production experience  on Bachelor's and master's degrees" and “Guidelines  on basic institutions where AzUAC students got practices ” that they  play an important role in the efficient organization of internship. Besides of these methodical manual in order to establish the modern requirements of internship process was published for foreign students of AzUAC and were presented to instructor involved in the internship.