Please, fill the application and send to the following address: sp.azmiu@gmail.comor submit it to the Room 113 at the University’s main building.
 Azerbaijan University of Architecture and Construction has launched the payment of salaries by differential system.
The confirmation of "State Strategy for the Development of Education in the Republic of Azerbaijan" by the President along with defining priority fields in education paved the way towards the improvement of stimulating mechanisms at our University."Internal Evaluation" project applied at Azerbaijan University of Architecture and Construction directly serves to these principles. 
Principles of qualitative assessment of professors and teaching staff activities from a number of leading foreign universities were considered in the development of the project.  The main objective of the project is to improve specialists training quality and motivation of teachers to realize their potentials more effectively by attracting the theirattention to Development Priorities of the University.  At the same time to improve stimulating mechanisms providing teachers with differential salary and to create healthier competition were aimed.
"Internal Assessment" project was applied at AzUAC for 2015-2016 Education Years.
 Annual pedagogical activity of instructor, quality of scientific and methodological works, international education system, application of modern technologies in the education and students opinions are revealed in the evolution system.Teachers' all activities have been evaluated by specific indicators and grades and the attestation defined teachers' ratings and category. 
Teacher evaluation by category is implemented with supplements added to the salary during in a year. For the current academic year category awarding was approved on the basis of  Rector's Decree upon the recommendation of the  Academic Council of the University.
Internal Evaluation Project is planned to apply annually at Azerbaijan University of Architecture and Construction and this project will give an additional impetus to the improvement of the quality of educational services.
"Internal Evaluation" project of Strategic Planning Department has drawn up procedures for internal assessment of professors and teaching staff of AzUAC. "Internal Evaluation" Project creates the necessity for systemizing teachers' performance appraisal, taking into account their salary size according to the results of implemented work and categorization of teachers.In this regard, quality assessment principles of academic staff in foreign leading universities are relied on in evaluation process. The main objective of the project is to elect teachers fairly and award them according to their work indicators. University administration met project of Strategic Planning Department with great satisfaction.
At the same time "Internal Evaluation" Project was met with great interest in International Conference hold at  Descartes University, France and submitted to the collection of distinguished reports to be released in December.