Admission Rules
To “SABAH” groups
General Regulations
  1. “Admission rules to SABAH groups ” (hereinafter will be referred as Rules) were prepared  according to “State Strategy on education development in Republic of Azerbaijan”
  2. These Rules regulate the contest on students’ acceptance to SABAH groups. 
Contest organization
  1.  Admission to SABAH groups of First year – students is implemented in three – stage competition with applying of digital software.
  2.  Students  may apply for SABAH groups according to their  average grades on  no less than 61 Points  on defined specialties of I semester of  First Academic Year.
  3. Students can participate only according to their specialties.
  4.  For admission to SABAH groups followings are placed on the official home page ( of SABAH project: “Savadli, Bacariqli ve Hazirliqli (SABAH) telebeler” Rules, “Electron application form”, “Instruction on filling up the Application” and “Personal Page”
  5.  Appeals Commission  is created by Ministry of Education for effectively organizing and implementing the Admission to SABAH Groups and to consider complaints about the results of the examination.
  6. To participate in the competition applicants must fill the Application Form in the official Home page (  Time for Apply is determined and announced by the  Ministry of Education  every year.
  7. 10 days after filling the application candidates will be get notification about date and place of II Stage ox the Exam.
  8.  Assessment of each candidate is implemented on the basis of their application of I Stage.
  9. “TEST Bank” is developed by Ministry of Education for the II Stage Examination.  Exam questions are conducted on Foreign Language and Logic components. 
  10. Participants must sign up an hour before its starting.  ID card must  be presented.
  11. Participants who do not  participate  in the exam  will be reexamined.
  12. According to “Guidance on answering the questions”  each candidate will be presented 50 questions  including 25 quiz on Foreign Language and  25 quiz on Logic. 1,5 hours is given to answering.
  13. Each correct question  is estimated  by 1 point.
  14. Results on I and II stage of the Contest  will be placed on the official page of Ministry of Education.
  15. According to their total point candidates are invited to III Stage.
  16. Candidates  admitted to III stage must  submit   personal documents (copy of application, diplomas, copy of certificate and ID card)  to the Contest Commission
  17. Interview is held by commission consisting of 3  persons appointed by Ministry of Education.
  18. Final evaluation will be conducted on  the following criterias.
  19. Academic  Performance
  20. Result on the exam held on  II Stage
  21. Motivation
  22. If any irrelevant is revealed between the submitted documents the candidate’s   result will be cancelled.
  23. After election process the names of candidates are approved by the Minister of Education of Azerbaijan Republic and will replaced on official  home page of SABAH Groups.
  1. Need to highly skilled specialists and developing economy
  2. Collaboration Projects with developed HEIs of the world – increasing scientific research, experiment and   students exchange.
  3. Improvement of existing programs and labor market requirements.
  4. Creating new opportunities for Youth, their personal and professional development.

Election Requirements:
Minimum Requirements: 
Successfully  graduation the Defined Specialties  of I year.
Student’s  average grade received  on during the I year (not less than 61 points)