Women’s Council 
Regional Organization No43 of Yasamal district  

New Azerbaijan Party
The main goal of this organization which started out with the name of Women’s Council of Azerbaijan University of Architecture and Construction in 1975 and from 1995 continued its work under the leadership of the Women’s Council of Yasamal district regional organization No 43 of  New Azerbaijan Party is to assist student girls studying at the university, as well as the teaching staff and employees of the university in resolving labor and social issues and arising problems.
The main objectives of the organization:

1.To analyze problems of female teachers and employees, to put tasks before Women’s Council in order to make a decision and to apply for these issues to the administration of the institution;
2.To take an active part in organization of meetings, holidays and important historical events, debates on various important issues and discussions at university and national level; 
3.To ensure the rights of teachers, employees and student girls;
4. Efficiently organize the recreation and leisure time of teachers and employees; 
5. To deliver information on events occurring in socio-political, social, economic and cultural life of the Republic;
6. To organize events in order to strengthen the education of students in the spirit of military patriotism; 
7.To organize events in order to direct students to construction works of the republic as a specialist. 
From 1975 to 2010 the Council was led by Assoc. Prof.  of the department “Construction materials”, candidate of technical sciences Edilya Anvar gızı Jabrailzadeh. The members of Women's Council regularly organized meetings with girls studying in faculties, visited dormitories and solved different social problems. Besides it they took part in ceremonies organized at the university and were closely engaged in women’s problems within women’s organizations of the republic. 
During the years when Women’s Council of the university was led by Edilya Jabrailzadeh, close relations were established with women’s organizations of neighboring countries. Friendly relations between Women’s Councils of our university and Georgia Technical University, as well as Women’s Council of Samarkand and meetings with representatives of France, Turkey, Norway can be an example for these relations. 
In 1986 “Sevinj” dance group consisting of girls was created by diligence and care of the Women’s Council. Now, this dance group is called "Buta". 

Senior lecturer of the department of Azerbaijan language and pedagogy, PhD Salatın Alı Ahmadova was elected as a chairperson of Women’s Council of Yasamal district regional organization No 43 of the New Azerbaijan Party In 2011. Women’s Council of AzUAC functions under her leadership and it includes 705 women in the ranks of the teaching and administrative staff. They are within 8 faculties (229 professor-teachers), education support staff (127 women), library (41 women), college (77 women), administrative management staff (90 women), lyceum and administrative staff (141 women) in  women’s organizations.

The members of the Council often organize meetings with student girls and care for their problems. During important holidays they visit children deprived of parental care and nursing homes and make presents for them. 
Actions of Women’s Council with participation of scientists and cultural workers, as well as well-known masters are very remarkable.  
Chairperson: Salatin Ahmadova Ali
Address: AZ 1073, A. Sultanova 11, 1st study building, 9th floor
Phone: (+994) 439 10 45
439 40 31
Ext: 1 – 75
E-mail:  q.shura@azmiu.edu.az