Creative amateur collectives
  1. “Buta” dance ensemble – art director, people’s artist of Azerbaijan Republic, Rosa Jalilova
  2. Club of Funny and Inventive 
  3. Folk musical instruments ensemble  - art director Aydin Agamaliyev
  4. Debate intellectual youth’s club – brain ring
“Sevinj” girls’ dance group was established under the Civil Engineering Institute in 1986. The art director and stage manager of the group was honored artist of Azerbaijan Republic, Naila Mahmudova. Dance group successfully participated in different festivals organized in foreign countries.

The name of “Sevinj” dance group operating under Azerbaijan University of Architecture and Construction was named “Buta” as one of the cultural symbols of Azerbaijan. 
Art director is the people’s artist of Azerbaijan Republic, Rosa Jalilova. Dance Group operates under the Women’s Council. Costumes for 10 dances of the group were prepared by People’s artists Batura Afganli and Reyhan Topchubashova. The costumes are preserved and are still used during performances.