History. Azerbaijan Polytechnic Institute  was established in 1920. Department of roads of Construction Faculty of the same institute  functioned  till 1931.
Baku branch of Trans-Caucasus Institute of Transportation Engineers functioned from 1931 till 1936.
This branch was moved to Tbilisi in 1936 and operated as Azerbaijan Department within  Tbilisi Institute of Railway Transport Engineers till 1945.
Baku branch of Tbilisi Institute was established due to organization of Azerbaijan Railway in Baku in 1945 and worked till 1949.
This Branch was restored as Transportation  Faculty in Azerbaijan Institute of  Industry named after Mashadi Azizbayov in 1949.
Transportation faculty was moved to Polytechnic Institute  in 1950.
Deans of the faculty for different times were docent Kazimov I. H., docent Mamoyev A. H., then docent Hajinski A.  till 1974.
The dean of the faculty was Aliyev R. M. from 1974 till 1977.
Azerbaijan Civil Engineering Institute was created in the basis of several faculties of Azerbaijan Polytechnic Institute on September, 1975. The name of the Faculty was changed to “Road construction” faculty the same year and the dean of the faculty was Israfilov N. from 1977 till 1984. During 1985 – 1996  the dean was Asgarbayli R.
At present moment the dean of the faculty  is E. N. Yusifzadeh since 2013.

Faculty.  Faculty trains specialists in four  specialties on bachelor and master’s degrees. Most  of the academic staff of  faculty is the author of  numerous manuals and scientific  articles. Seven manuals, textbooks and some teaching aids were published for the usage of students.
Study in the Faculty.  Teaching languages are Azeri and Russia, in full time tuition and   correspondence courses. Following specialties  are taught in the faculty:
Bachelor’s degree:
1. Engineering of surface vehicles
2. Transport Construction Engineering
3.  Ground Structure, soil and city cadastre.
4. Geodesy and cartography engineering
Master’s Degree: 
1. Ground Structure, soil and city cadastre, Specialization:  “City cadastre”
2. Geodesy and cartography engineering, Specialization:  “Applied Geodesy”
3. Engineering of surface vehicles, Specialization:  “Traffic management and safety”
4. Transport Construction Engineering, Specialization: “Automobile roads and aerodromes construction”
5. Transport Construction Engineering, Specialization: “Bridges and transport tunnels constructions”
Four departments functions within the Faculty:
1. “Transport Construction and traffic management”
2. “Materials resistance”
3. “Geomatics”
4. “Physics” departments

“Transport Construction and traffic management” department – The Department was founded as “Roads construction and operation” within the construction faculty in Azerbaijan Polytechnic Institute in 1950, the faculty operated in AUAC under this name  since 1976 and was renamed  “Automobile roads, bridges and tunnels” department during 1977 and 1996 years. According to graduation specialty the department was renamed  “Transport roads, bridges and  tunnels” in 1996. In different years the  department were  conducted by Prof. Aliyev. R. M. (1976 - 1985), docent Piriyev Y. M. (1985 - 2000).  At the present the Chief of the department is F. M. Aliyev.  Seven manuals, textbooks and some teaching aid was developed by staff of the department were presented to usage of students. The main direction of department’s scientific activity is aimed to solutions of technical issues on transport roads and engineering planning, constructions and operations in these roads. Most of the department staff  take part in the projects on  historical “Silk way” restoration within TRASEKA Programme.  In addition department staff took part in the working group organized by National Assembly for development Road Charter in our Republic in 1999.
The cooperation with HEIs of foreign countries and CIS continues at present moment.
21 professors teach in the “Transport Construction and traffic management” department that 1 of them is Professor, ten of them are docent, eight head teachers, two of them are teachers.
Currently the department is leaded by docent Jafarov F. M.
“Materials resistance” department – The organization of the department was during the establishment of Azerbaijan Polytechnic  Institute.
The Chief of the department was A. A. Suleymanov, the first author of “Material Resistance” manual written in Azeri.
When AUAC began its activity as independent higher institution hold this department within it in 1975.  The Department was led by well – known scientist, doctor of physics and mathematics sciences and professor I. A. Bakhtiyarov in 1975. The scientist has been great service in training of new specialists. Three doctors of sciences and 28 candidates of sciences were trained under the professor’s leadership. Manuals, workbooks and instructions on “Basics of elasticity and plasticity  theory”,  “Technical Mechanics”, “Calculation methods of building constructions”  subjects developed by the staff of “Materials Resistance“ department were given to the usage of students. The manual “Materials resistance” which the author is I. Bakhtiyarov, plays an important role among them.
Scientific experiments are also carried out in the department. Thus more than 372 articles of the department staff were published.
Currently 1 doctor of sciences, 8 candidates of sciences, docent and 2 head teachers are working in the department.  The head of the department is Sadikhov I. R. 
“Geomatics” department – was established within Azerbaijan Polytechnic Institute in 1950. The organizer of the department was talented scientist L. I. Lipman who was invited from Leningrad. The department was headed by docentM. N. Shafiyev till 1976. He was the author of “Geodesy” and “Engineering geodesy course” manuals. The opening of new “Applied geodesy” specialty first in Trans Caucasus region in 1975 played an important role in the development of “Engineering geodesy” department. Since this period the department trained hundreds of specialists not only for Azerbaijan but also for Former Soviet Union.  In 1976 – 1981 the department was headed by Sh. G. Mustafayev.  The department was guided by candidate technical sciences, docent  Mutallimov A. M.  in 1981 – 1998 years. 
The employees of the department published more than articles in such “Geodesy and cartography”, “Engineering geodesy”, “Geodesy, Aero photography” national magazines.
Two important scientific works were developed by the staff of the department and were sent to production for applying.
The department is considered main basis in “Geodesy and cartography” fields. Students studying in this field strengthen their knowledge in 3 weeks research – experiment at the end of academic year.
10 candidates of sciences, docent, 13 head teachers and 4 teachers work in the department.  
Currently the Department is leaded by candidate of physics and mathematics sciences, docent S. A. Ganiyeva.
“Physics” department – was organized in 1975  and first chief was professor Mehrabov A. O.  The department developed in short time. Currently supplied with modern equipments, study and scientific – experimental laboratories the department has strong staff potential. One of the big achievements of the department was  to set broad relations with developed scientific centers of the world. The relations with developed scientific centers of USA, England, Germany, Hungary, Poland, Turkey, Russia,  Ukraine and others are still in progress. The Department implemented some joint investigations with “Astrophysics” limited enterprise of Russian Federation, “Management center of Flights”, Ukraine AS “Thermal Physics”, “Metal Physics”. TUBITAK scientific center of Turkey, Saint – Petersburg Technical Institute of Physics, Ural “Metal Physics” and with other scientific centers.
The results of these relations were reflected in candidate and PhD theses of department staff.
3 independent scientific and research laboratories were created  within the Department with the recommendation of Ministry of Education.
These laboratories are “Spectroscopy of nuclear and gamma resonance”, “Physics of metal alloys”, “High Temperature Superconductivity” guided by Prof.  Binnatli G. H.  , Prof. Panahov T. M. and Porf . V.  Y. Aliyev.
Currently the department is leaded by candidate of physics and mathematics, Prof Panahov T.
Dean’s Office:
Dean: Docent Elchin Yusufzadeh
Deputy Dean: Tariyel Hasanov
Deputy Dean; Bayram Mehdiyev
Address: Az 1073, Baku, A. Sultanova  11
Phone: (+994 12) 539 05 79
E – mail: ntf@azmiu.edu.az