Trade Union Committee of Azerbaijan University of Architecture and Construction

Brief Information

     A considerable volte – face occurred in the activity of Trade union organization since Azerbaijan gained its independence. Principles of Democracy and clarity   were being applied   more widely in their activity. Trade Unions Council, established in the period of administrative domination system neglecting their duties gave authority to Azerbaijan Trade Union Confederacy in the First Congress of Azerbaijan Republic Trade Unions in February 5, 1993. With the establishment of this organization the administrative domination methods were stopped in the activity of trade unions. The authority of areal trade unions was returned to themselves. The opportunity was created to initiative, innovation, and integration to world trade unions. Nowadays ATUC takes an active part in solution of such issues as food scarcity, struggle against terrorism, globalization of economy, settlement of National conflicts etc.
Trade Union Committee of Azerbaijan University of Architecture and Construction under the Independent Trade Unions of Education Employees has got 1211 academic staff and administrative workers.  Trade Union Committee of Azerbaijan University of Architecture and Construction consists of 10 structural divisions:  8 faculties, college, and a trade union of administrative economic workers.
Trade Union Committee of our University takes an active part in improvement of living conditions, development of financial position of its members, as well as protects the general interest of employees in work process. Also participates in implementation of cultural events carried out in our EI and abroad. One of main duties of Trade Union Committee of AzUAC is draw the teachers and employees into social life, economic activity and use their potential in solution of education problems. The last duty of Trade Union Committee is protecting the rights of employees and increasing their life condition.

The main duties of TUC of AzUAC are:
  1. To analyze problems of teacher and employees and to put tasks before Scientific Council in order to make a decision and to apply for these issues to the administration of the institution.
  2. To take an active part in organization of meetings, holidays and important historical events, debates on various important issues and discussions at university and national level; 
  3. Organizing events for the formation of patriotic spirit on youth.
  4. Awarding the teaching staff differentiating in study process and social works of University.
  5. Organizing work in direction of solution of problems occurred in work process, protection of teacher and employees’ rights, improvement of their labor and social conditions and organize their leisure time. Getting information on number of students, their attendance, disciplines, providing with dormitories from relevant department and faculties. 
  6. Organizing activity to control discipline, arrangement of duties and attendance at the University.
Trade Union Committee of AzUAC

Address: A. Sultanova 11, Az 1073, 1st Study Building, 4th floor.
Phone:  (+994) 538 42 38
              (+994) 538 10 48

Chairman: Shahin Ismayilov Mammad