History. The Faculty of Architecture was founded 90 years ago.
Initially  it existed as department of Architecture in Faculty of Construction under State Oil Academy.  As the result of separation of department of Architecture from Construction Faculty was founded Faculty of Architecture in 1968. The main objective of scientific and experimental activities in   architecture and design  specialties is aimed  to obtain  planning  process.  Specialists are trained in each field of study on bachelor, master and doctorate  degrees. Graduates from the Faculty can do their activity in architectural, city planning, environmental design, restoration of monuments, design etc.
Information about the Faculty. Faculty of Architecture always differed  from other architectural faculties that taught in other universities. The faculty trains specialists on bachelor and master degrees. Most of professors and teachers staff are well – known specialists and scientists in the field of city planning, design, restoration of monuments in our Republic. An  associate member of NASA, 12 doctors of architecture , 17 professor, 33 Doctor of Philosophy in Architecture , docent teach in the Faculty.  Two of them are “Shohrat” prize winners, 12 honored architects and one of them was awarded with State Prize of Republic.
There are 122 members in the faculty: 21 professors, doctor of Philosophy in architecture, docent, head teacher and a teacher.
Study in the Faculty. Applicants willing to enter the faculty, have to take part in entrance exams held by the State Students Admittance Committee after aptitude election and  take the exam on drawing and drafting. The study languages are Azerbaijan, Russian and English.
Architecture and Design specialties of Architectural Faculty on Bachelor and Master degrees for different fields on construction and planning sectors.
Architecture and Design
Architectural field of study:
Architecture of building and installations
City planning
Reconstruction and restoration of architectural  monuments and 
Landscape Architecture
Design field of study:
Design and technical esthetics
Collaboration fields.   Cooperation is implemented in experimental and scientific fields with Republic Committee  on City Planning and Architecture, Ministry of Emergency Situations of Azerbaijan Republic, Ministry of  Culture and Tourism of Azerbaijan Republic, Baku City Executive Power,  State historical - architectural reserve “Icheri Sheher”, Architectural and Art, Archaeological Institutions of National Academy of Sciences, “Azerberpa” Scientific Research and Project Institute, non – governmental  organizations on Architecture and Design.
Fields of Research.  Features of residential architecture of Baku, compositional norms of Azerbaijan Architecture in XI – XVII, formation of cultural – welfare service systems of tourism and recreation  zones of Azerbaijan, Formation  of garden and park planning of Azerbaijan cities, site organization on architectural complexes situated in complex landscape of Baku city,  artistic and architectural planning methods of City environment (example Baku) ,  Architectural planning  development of industrial enterprises on Sumgayit city, Architectural planning  development of residential construction big cities of Azerbaijan (1920 - 1990), History of Azerbaijan Architecture (from ancient times till nowadays) etc.
About 50 manuals and text books were published in the Faculty.
# Author Manuals and text books
G. H. Mammadova
F. M. Huseynov
R. H. Abdulrahimov
N. H. Nagiyev
N. J. Abdullayeva
R. B. Amanzadeh, S. Kh. Haciyeva
Z. G. Mammadova
History of Azerbaijani Architecture -  5 volumes
Baku, 2014 
2. F. M. Huseynov
M. N. Mikayilova, R. R. Agazadeh
Urban planning  Theory, Baku, 2008
3. N. H. Nagiyev Modern City Planning in Azerbaijan Republic
Baku, 2011
4. N. A. Aliyev, E. F. Huseynov
N. O. Yusufova,
Z. A. Shikhlinskaya, Y. S. Karimli 
Building and Installations Typology, Baku. 2014
5. R. H. Abdulrahimov  Building techniques in Restoration (in Turkish language) Trabzon. 1999
6. N. J. Abdullayeva Architecture of engineering installations of Azerbaijan.
Baku, 2009
7. Z. G. Mammadova Theoretical basis of Restoration science
Baku, 2007
8. R. M . Hasanov, Y. A. Hajiyeva Bases of Design
Baku, 2008
9. S. Kh. Hajiyeva Architecture of Shaki – Zagatala zones of Azerbaijan
Baku, 2011
10. V. H. Muradov Architectural constructions of civil buildings
Baku, 2007
11.  R. B. Amanzadeh Compositional norms of monumental buildings of Azerbaijan in XI – XVII centuries
12. S. A. Akhundova Protection architecture of South East and South Azerbaijan
Baku, 2014
13. S. I. Allahverdiyeva Architecture of Protection installations
Baku, 2010
14. Sh. Hamidova Importance of  architectural graphics in projecting and its improvement
Baku, 2014
15. N. Agayeva Interior design
Baku, 2014
16. N. Agayeva Interior graphics
Baku, 2014
17. M. T. Najafova Residential  architecture of Baku
Baku, 2013
18. T. Sh. Bakirova
N. C. Abdullayeva
Design history
Baku, 2012
International Relations. An inventory of Ichari Shahar monuments was made in 2006 with the support of Minnesota University of the USA. Projects were implemented together with «Romualdo Del Bianco» Foundation of Italy, faculty of architecture of Vienna University in Austria. In 2008, our department’s representatives together with the students of Florence University studying on the specialty of reconstruction participated in the workshops held with the support of UNESCO in Baku and Florence. Project was devoted to modern research methods  of architectural monuments in the sample of Ichari Shahar. 
International education relations of the Faculty are wide: Turkey, Kazakhstan, Architectural schools of Georgia, Florence, Milan Technical, Sapienza, Tor Vergata Universities of Italy, Universities of Spain and Portugal. As the member of   Network of Architectural Schools of France, Eastern and Central Europe (REA) participates in the international contests held by this association.
Graduation works and dissertations of Bachelor and Masters of the faculty were presented at high level in Network of Architectural Schools of France, Eastern and Central Europe (REA), International conference and contest held in Italy, Architectural Universities of CIS countries.  Graduation works  won prize  in regional festival hold in Baku by “Del Bianco” Foundation of Italy in 2009 – 2012. Won diplomas in International Contests held in Voronezh in 2010, in Saratov in 2009. The Faculty Staff successfully participated in international scientific conference held in Turkey, Florence (Italy), Turin. 17graduation works  won prize in the contest held in Krasnoyarsk  in 2012. All 18 graduation works won prizes in the contest on graduation works held in Saint – Petersburg  in 2013.
The Faculty takes an active part in ERASMUS and “Mevlana” International students – master exchange programs. To meet the modern standards of  modern requirements of education the faculty expands its professional relations with  foreign architectural schools.
The Faculty established cooperation relations in many countries such as  USA, England, Germany, France, Egypt, Turkey, Georgia, Iran, Italy and others.
Six departments operates  in the faculty. Administration is carried out by well – known  scientists. :
  • “Architectural  project and city - planning” department
Chief of the department: honored architect,   professor – 
Elbay Enver Kasim-zadeh
Phone: (+994012) 539 10 19
  • “Basis of Architecture” department
Chief of the department: honored architect, doctor of architecture, professor -  Nagiyev Nizami Hasan
  • “Architectural reconstructions and restoration  of monuments” department
Chief of the department:  doctor of architecture, professor  Hadjiyeva Sabina Xalid

Phone: (+994012) 538 04 79
  • “Landscape Architecture” department
  • Chief of the department: honored architect, doctor of architecture, professor – Hasanova Aybeniz Ashraf
  • “Design” department
        Chief: PhD, associate professor  
         Bekirova Tarana Shaig
  • “Graphic Arts” department
Chief of the department: honorary artist, professor Avalov Elturan Vali
Dean – honored architect, PhD,
prof.Mammadova Zahida Gulmammad 
Phone: (+994012) 510  09 38