Physics - Mathematics  oriented  Lyceum

Under Azerbaijan University of Architecture and Construction.


Physics-math oriented  lyceum under the Azerbaijan University of Architecture and Construction  for classes VIII – XI specializing in the natural sciences is operating by the Order No. 12 of the Ministry of Education of the Republic of Azerbaijan, dated 07.01.1997.
The lyceum temporarily stopped its activities during 2001-2002 the academic year, but according to the letter No. 46-03-214/17 of the Ministry of Education dated January 19, 2005 and rector G.H.Mammadova’s Order 212/t-d, dated June, 2005 its activity was reinstated. 


Lyceum's mission is to discover potential opportunities of pupils studying in the lyceum, direct them to guide the secrets of qualifications that they will get in future, increase their creative potential according to the order No 1414 of the President of the Republic of Azerbaijan dated April 17, 2006.

The quality of education

The most experienced teachers teach in the lyceum. 11 of them have scientific degrees. Modern visual aids are widely used at classes. A computer room was created within the lyceum. Pupils take an active part in Olympiads and exhibitions of the university. In addition to the training of pupils in the lyceum, serious attention is given to their patriotic and aesthetic education. School-leavers are admitted to our university or other universities with high scores. 



Admission to the Lyceum

Admission to the lyceum is implemented in competitive basis. Graduates of VII,VIII,IX and X Azerbaijan sector classes and VIII Russian sector class of schools, lyceum and gymnasiums are eligible to the admission. The competition is implemented on math, physics,  and   English language subjects by testing method.

Pupils  may apply from May 15 till September 8.
Examination is  on June, 14 and on september,12

Education fee is  950 Azn

Address: Az – 1073, A. Sultanova 11, Baku, Republic of Azerbaijan

Phone; (012) 539 – 54 – 48 (050) 394 10 52 , (050) 569 75 54

Director of Lyceum doc. Penahli Penah Hasan

Contact person: Penahli Penah Hasan

Tel:         (012) 539-54-48