Study language is Azerbaijan language. Education period is from September 15 till April 15. Study period for applicants admitted from general secondary education basis is 4 years; from full secondary education is 3 years. Study period in correspondence study is 3 years, 10 months or 4 years. There are training  courses on subjects requiring special ability in Construction College as in Azerbaijan University of Architecture and Construction. 
Enrollment is implemented on following subjects: 
040561 “Construction, exploitation and repairing of automobile roads and aerodroms”
040548 “Information technologies systems”
040555 “Production of  building  materials and construction”
040720 “Repairing and service of transport vehicles”
040319 “Design”
040552 “Construction and exploitation of buildings and installations”
040557 “Installation and operation of gas supply systems and equipments”
040516 “Metallurgy, technology and exploitation of welding production”
040554 “Geodesy and cartography”

Students graduated from college can continue their education by entering to higher education institutuions.