Admission  to College is conducted by testing method by State Students Admission Committee in highly competition to  paid education as well as study funded by state from general secondary  or  full secondary education basis. Thus enrollment of general secondary education (9 years) applicants take exams in accordance with SSAC and admitted on the basis of their score. Full  secondary education applicants submit their documents only to HEIs and after then due to their scores they participate in admission contest to secondary vocational education  institutions.
Following documents are required from students admitted to College:
  • Applicants number and Password
  • Identification Card (original and copy)
  • Certificate (original and copy)
  • Reference from place of reference
  • 4 colored photo (3x4)
  • Tuition Fee (applicants admitted to paid education)
Note: The children of refugees and internally displaced families would be released from tuition fee by providing relevant documents. Aptitude test requiring special ability is conducted in SSAC. So applicants taking exam from general secondary education basis pass the aptitude test before test exams, but aptitude exams of applicants from full secondary education basis are conducted in SSAC after test exams.  Examination procedure, time and minimum passing score is determined by SSAC (State Students Admission Committee). About 800 students study in Construction College.