History and Mission: Established in 1976 the faculty’s main study direction is to develop  skill and professional knowledge of organization and intuition staff.  Systematically the faculty was guided  by docent Abdilov  S. A. (1975 - 1996), R.S. Mahmudov (1996 - 1999), Aliyev N. I. (2001 - 2004), Mammadov S. B. (2004 - 2008). Imamaliyeva C. N. was selected as dean of the faculty on July 10, 2008.
Training is conducted in two forms: in or out of work. According to instructions course carried out in work continue in 3 months, but period of  the course implemented out of work is   6 months, but sometimes they can be cut down till 3 weeks by ministry or general institutions.
Probation courses are also organized for teachers of other education institutions sent to our University. They do an experimental exchange in relevant departments, do scientific research works in library, computer and in other laboratories provided with modern equipment. 
“Education and Training Center” was established within the Professional Development Faculty on November 6, 2009. Courses (Logic, Informatics and Foreign Language) for Master’s degree candidates, on Lira SAPR, Monamax  SAPR programs, AutoCAD, ArchiCAD, 3D – MAX, information technology on Windows, Word, Excel, Power Point, Internet, Photoshop, Corel Draw programs as well as training on “Foreign Languages (Russian, English and German)” are conducted in that center.
Professional Development Courses is carried out for external organizations on  following specialties:
  1. Geodesy
  2. Transport Construction Engineering
  3. Traffic organization
  4. Bridge and Tunnels
  5. Construction Engineering
  6. Architecture
  7. Organization of civil protection in Emergency Situations and courses on Risk Assessment
  8. Training course on “Patent Study”:  Object: learning of practical application and  theoretical – technical basis, legal and economic principles of patent study.
  9. Short term training courses on “Labor protection and safety management”. Object: Development of security system of labor protection and its activity and teaching of application requirements.
  10. “Building and installations planning, construction and providing earthquake durability in restoration”  - (“Installations testing and earthquake durability” department)
  11. “Knauf”, study directions are learning of systems, plaster loadings, modern decorations, wall selecting and super floors.
  12. Professional development courses for engineering, technical and service workers in institutions and organizations under the Azerigas
  13. “Ecological situation around West Export Oil pipeline” – “Hydro technical installations and hydraulic, Ecological Engineering, Hydro technical melioration and hydrology departments”
Under the process: Additional study and retraining courses. (specialty exchange) 
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