The newspaper “Inshaatchi Kadrlar” of Azerbaijan University of Architecture and Construction has been published since June, 1983. The newspaper closely contributed to university administration, public organizations, teaching staff and faculty deans over the years.       The newspaper “Inshaatchi Kadrlar” always follows readers’ advice, wishes and suggestions to raise its level, to improve content of articles and to give interesting and relevant articles. 
The main content of articles involves issues on training of young people, success of national education, belonging to Azerbaijan people, and commitment to homeland, national solidarity and national ideas. Along the meetings with science, culture and art figures, poets and writers, exhibitions of young architects are always organized at the University. All these factors have a pretty big role in the shaping of young people’s perspective and in promotion of patriotism.  The newspaper always provides considerable space to such kind of articles on its pages.   In a word, the newspaper “Inshaatchi Kadrlar”  is a paper highlighting ideas of professors, well – known scholars,  discovering the talents and assessing new ideas and approaches.

        Akif Hajiyev Nemat is an 
       editor of the newspaper “Inshaatchi Kadrlar” 
         since its first day of publication.