History.  Construction Faculty was established within Baku Polytechnic Institute in 1920. In 1930-34 it was functioning as an independent Institute of Architecture and Construction. In 1934-51 it was included to  Azerbaijan Industrial Institute.  From 1951 to 1975 it was functioning within Azerbaijan Polytechnic Institute, and in 1975 it became the independent  faculty of Azerbaijan Engineering and Construction University.  Training on construction engineering is conducted on bachelor, master and  doctorate degrees. Graduates from the faculty work in construction engineering, industrial and civil construction, municipal construction and economy, management and expertise of premises.
Faculty.  Faculty trains specialists on “Construction Engineering” specialty on bachelor and master degrees. Most of the professor  and teachers staffs are well – know specialists and scientists in the field of building and installations planning, calculation and planning of building constructions,  organization and management, technology of construction production, management and expertise of premises.
10 doctors of technical sciences, professor, 43 candidates of sciences, docent,. 13 head teacher, 4 teachers and 5 assistants teach in the Faculty. One of them  was the winner of “Tarragi” Prize, two of them were the winners of “Honored teacher” Prize. 
International Relations. The Faculty expands mutual relations  with foreign technical universities to meet international standards of education. Thus last five years 5 International scientific and practical conferences were held and the faculty participated in one online conference on applying of Euro code in Moscow State Construction  University. Scientific – International  Conference on “Modern problems of construction science” was held in November 29 – 30, 2012.  International Conference on “Reinforced  – Concrete Constructions in modern building” in July 14, 2013.
The Faculty participated and win prizes international conference and Construction  exhibition  on “Construction season - 2010” in RF. The faculty participated in International conferences and signed mutual cooperation agreement  in South  Korea in 2011. Agreements were signed with Istanbul Technical University, Saratov State Architecture and Construction  University, Penza State University of  Architecture and Construction  and scientific – methodical  investigations in the field of  construction engineering  are done.
The Faculty participates in international  student and masters exchange program such “ERASMUS” and “Mevlana” and expand its professional relations with  foreign technical schools  to meet international standards of construction and engineering education.
Study in the Faculty. Study languages are Azerbaijan, Russian and English. Agreement on dual – degree diploma was signed with Istanbul Technical University (after 2 years of study in AUAC student continue   education in ITU). 
Bachelor degree
Specialty Specialty code
Construction Engineering 050634
Master Degree
Specialty Specialty code
Construction Engineering 060634
Industry and civil construction
Municipal construction and economy
Management and examination  of properties
Organization  and technology of buildings and devices
Installations theory
Metal constructions
Reinforced  – concrete constructions
Dynamics and earthquake resistance of buildings and installations
Constructions and basics and foundations
Five departments operate within the Faculty.
  1. Building Constructions  - Chief of the department  doctor of technical sciences. Prof Hajiyeva M. A.
  2. Foundations, basements and underground installations – chief  - doctor of technical sciences  Prof. Eyyubov Y. A.
  3. Technology, organization and management of construction production – Chief – candidate of technical science, docent Farzaliyev S. A.
  4. Department of social sciences – Chief – doctor of philosophy, Prof. Mikayilov N. M.
  5. Operation and reconstruction of building and installations – Chief – candidate of technical sciences, docent Aliyev I. G.
Fields of Experiment: Faculty’s relations with production and scientific – research enterprises is also wide. On the basis of signed agreements our students do their production and technological  practices in well – known construction companies  in Baku (“Baku Oil Refinery named after Heydar Aliyev”, “Baku Deepwater Jacket Factory (BDJF) named after Heydar Aliyev” , the State  Agency  on  Control  over  Safety  in Construction of  Ministry of Emergency Situations , “SOCAR”, “Pasha Inshaat”, “Akkord”, “BP”, “ICOM” etc.).
Our students participate in study supporting scholarship programs  carried out by “SOCAR”, “BP”, “AzerSu” and other companies and  are winners of these programs.
Fields of Research:
Statics, dynamics and study of resistance of thin-wall spatial reinforced concrete structures of non-linear theory, report  on scientific – research works carried out by state budget, 2006 – 2010 years, 2010 – 2015 years. development of methodology of new construction technology of multi-storied monolithic buildings;  study of deformation cases of large transition flat systems and tension of metal structures in single-sided connection constructions; theoretical and experimental study of dynamics and seismic resistance of constructions; reconstruction of engineering systems and  technical operation, engineering preparation of city areas.
The following monographs and teaching aids on the disciplines of the faculty have been prepared and published by the leading specialists of the faculty during the last years:
  1. Alternative  energy resources in urban infrastructure. Mammadov Kh. S. Baku. 2010
  2. Reinforced concrete. Calculation of Elements. H. Artigoglu, Khalid Mammadoglu,
  3. Spatial structures of thin-walled concrete. Seyfullayev KH. G. “Elm” Baku, 2009
  4. Engineering reinforced concrete. Seyfullayev KH. G. “Elm” Baku, 2009
  5. Construction Technology of  building and structures from monolithic and monolithic stacking reinforced concrete. Balagozov A. M. 20011
  6. Beams and frames on elastic foundation. Hajiyev M. A. Draaz V. M. , Baku 2012 “TI-MEDIA”
  7. Building and structures sustainability. Collection of reports. Haciyev M. A. Baku 2014
  8. Samples of calculation – graphical works of construction mechanics. M. A. Haciyev. Baku, 2012. “TI - MEDIA”, 160 p. Self – dependent works and samples of their solutions
  9. Self – dependent works and samples of their solutions on applied – mechanics – 1. Baku, 2012, “TI  - MEDIA”  74 p.
  10. Self – dependent works and samples of their solutions on applied – mechanics – 2.  Baku, 2012, “TI - MEDIA” 84 p.
  11.  Construction mechanical issues. M. A. Hajiyev. Baku, 2012, “TI - MEDIA”
  12. Guidelines on  setting diagrams in static systems. Baku, 2012. “TI - MEDIA”,  206 s.
  13. Practical course of building construction mechanics. M. A. Hajiyev, F. G. Hasanov. Baku 2012, “TI - MEDIA”, 612 p.
  14. Basics of theory of complex changeable functions. Practical course. M. A. Hajiyev. A. M. Najafaov. Baku 2012, “TI - MEDIA”, 272 p.
  15. Calculation of reinforced construction elements using real nonlinear diagrams short and long term deformation of materials. M. A. Hajiyev. Baku, 1996, “Elm”, 266 p.
  16. Spatial structures of thin-walled concrete. Kh. G. Seyfullayev. Baku, 2010. “TI - MEDIA”, 780 p.
  17.  Engineering reinforced concrete constructions. Kh. G. Seyfullayev. Baku 2010, “TI - MEDIA” 612 p.
  18. Calculation of reinforced concrete elements. H. Artigoglu, Khalid Mahammadoglu , Baku, 2005, “Nurlar”, 520 p.
  19. Metal constructions. N. H. Agayev, L. M. Zeynlov. Baku, 2008, “TI - MEDIA”, 388 p.
Dean; candidate of technical sciences, docent Mammadov Hikmat Suleyman
Deputy Deans:  Docent Jafarov  Nazim Nutvali
Head teacher Mammadov  Jeyhun Jahid 

Tel: (+994 12) 510 03 92