Information about thesis defence

Two Dissertation Counciles are functioning on “Constrcution mechnaics”, ”Hydrotechnical construction”, “Jackets and foundations, subsoil settings”, “Building constcutions, building and settings”, “City, dwelling planning, landscape architecture”, “Architectural theory and history, restoration and reconstruction” specialities.

1.Dissertation Council F.D. 02.041
Chairman of Dissertation Council/ Doctor of Architecture, Professor G. H. Mammadova

Scientific Secretary; Candidate of architecture S. I. Allahverdiyeva

Code of the specialty: 64.01.01
Code of the specialty: 64.05.01
2. .Dissertation Council F.D. 02.042

Chairman of Dissertation Council/ Doctor of technical, professor A. R. Sharifov

Scientific Secretary; A. M. Isayev

Code of the specialty; 33.05.02
“Construction mechanics”
Specialty Code: 33.05.03
“Building constcutions, building and settings”
Code of the specialty; 33.05.08
“Hydrotechnical construction”
Code of the specialty; 33.05.04