Admission rules
Data on enrolment of foreign citizens in Preparatory faculty of AzUAC.
The preparatory faculty for foreign citizens at the Azerbaijan University of Architecture and Construction offers a year of pre-university training of foreign students for a bachelor degree, a master degree and doctoral studies on the following specialties:
  • Architecture, design
  • Engineering-technical specialties
  • Physical and mathematical specialties
  • Chemistry, biology, medicine, physical culture, agriculture
  • Economics
Training is conducted in the Azerbaijani, Russian and English languages. The students who were trained within a year and successfully passed final examinations receive a state certificate on the termination of preparatory faculty that allows them to continue their training on the chosen specialty in AzUAC or in any other higher educational institutions of Azerbaijan shown below.
Azerbaijan University of Architecture and Construction 
Architectural faculty program of architecture, design
Construction faculty program of construction
Faculty of water supply and engineering-communication systems program of chemistry, biology
Transport faculty program of engineering-construction
Construction and technological faculty program of construction
Construction and economics faculty program of construction and economics
Faculty of mechanization and automation program of engineering
Azerbaijan State Marine Academy                                     
Faculty of marine engineering and technology Program of engineering
Faculty of marine navigation and management
Faculty of electro mechanics and radio electronics
Baku University of Business                                              
Faculty of business and management program of construction and economics
Faculty of economics and administration
Khazar University                                                                        www.khazar.orq
Faculty of engineering and applied sciences program of engineering-construction,
construction and economics, and
humanitarian program
Faculty of economics and management
Faculty of humanitarian and social sciences
Azerbaijan State Agricultural University (Ganja)             
Faculty of agronomics Program of chemistry, biology, medicine, sport, agriculture, construction, construction economics
Faculty of agro technologies
Faculty of veterinary medicine and zoo engineering
Faculty of power industry and information technologies
Faculty engineering
Faculty of Agricultural Economics
Faculty of administration of agro-industrial business and management
Qafqaz University                                                              
Faculty of engineering construction and engineering program
Faculty of economics and management
Pedagogical faculty
Documents acceptance start on july  of each academic year.
Lessons start on September 15.
Training term: the 1st semester-16 weeks, 2nd semester - 16 weeks.
Only those foreign citizens having the higher school graduation certificate are enrolled in the preparatory faculty.
To study at the Preparatory Faculty of the Azerbaijan University of Architecture and Construction,  a foreign student must have his secondary or higher education diploma or certificate approved at the Ministry of Education of his country,  then send them and other documents in the following list to the mail address shown below, online or via scan.
 A foreign student can enter Azerbaijan to study only with a student visa.
The following documents are provided to enter the preparatory faculty (on arrival in Baku):
  • the statement addressed to the rector (with the indication of specialty and language of training); 
  • the document on education with the list of the taken disciplines;
  • medical certificate  (AIDS, hepatitis B, C);
  • the copy of the passport or the identity card (with the indication of the entrance visa to the Azerbaijan Republic);
  • 8 photos (in size 3х4, red background)
The above documents are to be translated into Azerbaijani language and certified at the notary's office
Note: The following documents are provided for online application on the preparatory faculty
  • the document on education (diploma, attestation, certificate) with the list of the taken disciplines;
  • the foreign passport or the identity card
  • medical certificate  (AIDS, hepatitis B, C);
  • completed online application (a model of filling online – statements)
By presenting original documents, the invitation letter will be sent to you - the invitation to get a student visa
The preparatory faculty also offers language courses on
  • Azerbaijani
  • Russian
  • English
Duration of training at the courses are 3-6 months.  Having passed the exams successfully, the students get certificates.
Training is provided by contract.  The payment is made by the student at the beginning of the academic year in US dollars in the amount  approved by the Ministry of Education of the Azerbaijan Republic.
In case if a student cannot or doesn't want to continue his education, or is expelled from the university, the tuition fees are not  returned.
Foreign students have the use of the library, sport complex, medical service, etc.
Foreign students must:
obey all the inner rules, resolutions, decrees, disposals of the university;
be responsible for safeguarding properties of the university;
pay for damages that arise due to them
Foreign students must register at the State Migration service of the Azerbaijan Republic Registration is done by the passportist at the dean's office in the preparatory faculty.
Education fee in Azerbaijan University of Architecture and Construction
For 2016/2017 academic year
(in USD)
(for foreigners)
Preparatory faculty 1000
Language courses 700
Bachelor's degree
Specialities Full-time Correspondence
Architecture 2500 -
Other specialities 2000 1800
Master's degree
Architecture 2500 -
Other specialities 2200 1800
Ph D (Doctor's degree)
All specialities 3000 2500
Adress: A.Sultanova str. 11, AZ 1073, I corps
Vice – rector for International Relations
Tel: (+994 12) 539 07 48
The dean office on education of foreign students
Tel.: (+994 12) 538 94 01
Preparatory faculty for foreign students
Tel.: (+994 12) 510 21 09
Tel.: (+994 12) 432 52 26

skype: Preparatory Faculty AzUAC, Azerbaijan
whatsapp: (+994 55) 478 64 44