History and aim of foundation
The Preparatory faculty of Azerbaijan University of Architecture and Construction (AzUAC) for foreigners was founded as a separate structural subsection by the Ministry of Education of the Republic of Azerbaijan  in 1984, and it is an Educational Centre of pre-tertiary education. Over 3000 foreign citizens from nearly 60 countries have studied and got certificates on this faculty in recent years: from Europe and Africa, Near East and South America, Asia and CIS.
The main task of the faculty is to prepare the students from foreign countries to further professional education (bachelor and master degrees) in AzUAC and other universities of Azerbaijan as well as the countries of CIS.
This period of education is the first step of both adaptation of foreigners to new language environment and preparation of studying basic subjects.
 International relations
The Preparatory faculty of AzUAC has contracts with the preparatory faculties of universities "Ankara" and "Gazi", "Turkish educational centre" in Turkey, the preparatory faculties of Tabriz University in Iran, Moscow Technical University, Peoples' Friendship University of Russia, Moscow State University in Russia. 
 Staff of the faculty
The faculty consists of departments of  Azerbaijani Ri languages as well as the department of general engineering disciplines. The collective of the departments today is high qualified Methodists, experienced teachers, professors and docents with many years' experience.
In the faculty, much work is being done on creation of teaching-methodical provision at a rate of modern demands. New training methods are used in the teaching process, teaching material and ways of its presentation are selected thoroughly.
The faculty's staff takes part in scientific arrangements actively.
Apprenticeship of the preparatory faculty of AzUAC is one academic year:        first term - 16 weeks, second term - 16 weeks.
Professional preparation of the following profiles is taken in the faculty depending on the profession the students intend to get: architecture, technical, constructive-economical, biomedical and humanitarian. Together with languages the students learn mathematics, information technology, physics, chemistry, biology, economical and social geography, drawing, hand drawing. 
Disciplines in preparatory faculty are taught in Azerbaijani, Russian and English languages on basis of new textbooks and manuals supported with the modern methods of teaching.
Besides the teaching process, various extra-curricular activities take place in the faculty: excursions to the city and its suburbs (Gobustan, Gala, etc.), visits to museums and exhibitions, organization of thematic parties and concerts, participation in student conferences. Collaborative training and extra-curricular work helps students to learn more about Azerbaijan, its culture and people, contributes training tolerance in youth environment.
Having studied during an academic year and having passed the exams successfully, foreign students get a certificate of  graduation of preparatory faculty, which warrants further education in AzUAC as well as other universities of Azerbaijan on chosen profession.
There are language courses of Azerbaijani, Russian and English languages in preparatory faculty. Duration of courses is 3-6 months. Having passed the exam successfully, the students get a certificate.
Education in preparatory faculty is on a contractual basis. Tuition fees are paid at the beginning of an academic year.
Dean’s Office:
Dean –  PhD of Arts  Asgeralizade Gulnara Sabir ,   
              Mob: (+994) 55 478 64 44
                 Tel: (+994 12) 510 21 09

         E-Mail: gulnara.asgaralizada@azmiu.edu.az   
     Dean G.S.Asgeralizade 

Sub.dean–Sultanova İrana Murad
                  Mob: (+994 50) 669 25 29   

There are 3 departments in the faculty:
  1. Azerbaijan language and Pedagogy – Chief:  PhD,  Docent Ahmadova Salatin Ali
  2. Russian language – Chief: PhD, Professor Osmanzadeh Alima Osman
  3.  General preparation subjects – Chief: PhD , Docent  Huseynov Huseynaga Ibrahim
Rules of acceptance

Following manuals and teaching aids were published in the Preparatory Faculty for Foreign Citizens:
  1. “We learn writing in Azerbaijan Language”  Asadova N. N., Ismayilova M. A., Jalilova Z. J., Alkiyeva Z. I., “Science and education”, Baku – 2011
  2. “Stylistic layers of words in Azerbaijan language” , Ahmadova S. , “MBM”, Baku 2014
  3. “Azerbaijan language” Hajiyev A., “Mars Print”, Baku – 2011
  4. “Lexical normalization Azerbaijan Language”, Gasimova  R. “Elm ve Tahsil” Baku – 2010
  5. “Drafting”, Part I, Part II, Salimbayli R. A, Baku – 2009
  6. “Biology. Human ” Mammadova  L. H. Baku – 2012
  7. “Course on General Physics” , Panahov T.M., Musazadeh  I. V., Huseynov H. I., Mammadova S. H. Baku – 2014
  8. “Practicum on general informatics” M. M. Mehdiyev, Baku – 2009
  9. “Learning Azerbaijan Language” (teaching aid), Aliyeva  Z. I. – Baku, 2011
  10. “Elementary course of Russian Language”  Osmanzadeh A.O. – Baku, 2012
  11.  WORLD ARCHITECTURE. Manual for students studying architecture and construction   V. Aghalarova , Baku-2015 , 220 p. 
  12.  "Pre-Algebra for the preparation department". Manuals. A.H.Hummatov, Baku-2015, 70 p. 
Adress: Baku , AZ 1073,  A.Sultanova st. 11
website:  www.azmiu.edu.az
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E-Mail:  evhf@azmiu.edu.az
skype: Preparatory Faculty AzUAC, Azerbaijan
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