Scientific Council of the University

        General administration is implemented by Scientific Council led by People’s Deputy, professor G. H. Mammadova.  Members are: rector, vice – rectors, scientific secretary, deans, department heads, partners and representatives of  trade unions and student organizations. Other members of Scientific Council  is elected by secret ballot  in general meeting of teaching  staff and scientific workers of each faculty.                                          
         Scientific Council of University follows The Regulations of University and does amendments and changes on it. The decisions of Scientific Council on all teaching, scientific,  training and other issues are adopted by majority in open voting. But scientific degrees such as professor and docent are given by secret voting as defined.
         The Development Program is confirmed at Scientific Council, rector’s report concerning  University  is attended every year. The reports concerning activities of structural divisions led by vice – rectors, deans’ reports about teaching, scientific – research and training issues are attended periodically and other  issues about university activities are discussed.