"Scientific Works" journal               

     "Scientific Works" journal is registered by certificate 313 from April 2, 1996, by the Mi­nistry of Press and Infor­mation of Azerbaijan Republic.
    The journal is issued twice a year and has the following sec­tions: architecture, construction, mechanics, economics.
     The founder of the journal is Azerbaijan University of Arc­hi­tec­ture and Construction.The journal is included in the register of Higher
Certi­fi­ca­tion Board under the presi­dent of the Azerbaijan Republic for pub­lis­hing dissertation works of doc­tors of philosophy and doc­tors of Sciences.
The journal is indexed in  EBSCO.

authors note

                                                                    Chief Editor:

 Deputy Chief Editor:                       A.R.Sharifov
 Secretary responsible:                    S.M.Akberova
                                                                    Editorial Board:
Academician T.A.Aliev, corresponding member of the ANAS I.I.Mustafaev, I.R.Sadiqov, Y.M.Piriev, A.A.Qasimzadeh(Turkey), N.D.Abdullaeva, N.H.Naghiev, L.B.Chervilov (Norway), M.A.Mammadov, K.M.Mammadov, Y.A.Tabunshikov (Russia), I.N.Shirinzadeh, A.M.Aghaev

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