Vice – rector for Scientific and Technical Affairs
Doctor of Technical Sciences, Professor, “Honored Teacher” of  the Republic of Azerbaijan  –
 Arif Rza Sharifo
The chief of the “Technological machines and equipments” department, doctor of technical sciences, professor Arif Rza Sharifov is the chairman of Contest Commission on Qualification issues of D.02.042  Dissertation Council under  Azerbaijan University of Architecture and Construction and a member of teaching – methodology council on mechanical – engineering and metallurgy of Ministry of Education.

 1966  - graduated from the “Construction, machines and equipments” specialty and began working as an assistant in the “Construction machines” department.

1969 - entered post – graduate course in 1971
1971 -defended candidacy thesis
1994 - defended doctoral thesis in Moscow 
1973 – 1975 - secretary of Komsomol Committee of Azerbaijan Polytechnical Institute and  deputy on organizational tasks in Azerbaijan Civil Engineering Institute.
Since 1967 -  worked as an assistant, a head teacher, a docent and a professor in the “Construction, roads and melioration” department and was elected the first dean of newly established “Mechanization and automation” faculty. 
A. R. Sharifov researched the  cleaning problems of working liquids of hydraulic systems in construction, road and land-reclamation machines for 45 years and he is an author of more than 125 scientific articles, monographs, 7 authorship certificates, 23 manuals, teaching material and methodical  guidelines.  He participated in several international and republic scientific conferences.  7 candidates of sciences were trained under his scientific supervising. He trains doctorates, candidates and masters. 

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