Complementary education has three forms: full-time, part-time and evening studies. In order to get additional education of second specialty, the previous specialty field or current work position  (not less than a year)  of  candidate must be relevant to the choosen specialty. Eligibility of candidate is determined by competition comission of educational institution.
  Candidates must submit the following documents for the second higher education:
· An application to the head of educational institution
· Guarrantee contract on payment of tuition fee
· Copy of diploma or diplom attachment 
· Work record card;
· Health certificate;
· Recommendation letter;
- 4 photos (3x4)
Amount of tution fee for the second higher education is determined by host educational institute and it remains stable during the period of education. 
  Trainings of the second higher education are carried out according to the following specialties:
1. Construction Engineering
2.Construction Engineering of irrigation and water economics
3.Engineering systems and engineering  installations construction
4.Gas – oil devices engineering
5. Environmental engineering
6. Engineering of vehicle construction
7. Engineering of ground vehicles
8. Engineering of geodesy and cartography
9. The structure of the earth, land and urban cadastre
10.Engineering of technology of construction materials and products
11. Engineering of materials
12.Engineering of forestry and wood production technology
13.Emergency situations  and safety of life activity
15.Organization and management of industry
18.Business management
19.Engineering of process automation
20.Engineering of information technology and systems
21.Engineering of techology machines and equipments
Vice –rector for Academic issues 
Ph.D. Assoc. Prof.  -  Farhad Movsum oglu Jafarov
Phone: (+994 12) 539 07 45: 538 92 79