Practice of students
2016-10-27 10:34:49
The practice of students is a part of the basic educational program of the university and is an integral part of training. Practice contributes to the theoretical knowledge of students in general education and special disciplines, as well as to the accumulation of practical experience.  At our university students will have the following practices:
MEASUREMENTAL PRACTICE.Object of the Measurement Training Course: to provide the first teaching experience to the students who acquired expertise in the field of architecture and civil engineering.

            The course trains the students on implementation of technical measurement, the definition of constructive-space, the initial analytic assessment of the measured object and description by use of graphical methods: plan, facing, section, professional implementation of separate designs.
           Students will take in the beauty of the highest sample of Gala state History and Ethnography Reserveand “IcheriSheher” Historical Architectural Reserve in Baku city.
PRACTICAL TRAINING AT THE ENTERPRISES.During this practice students get acquainted with the organizational structure and the production of construction enterprises, production process of construction materials, equipment, organization of work for the production of products in the sectors of construction and control of its quality. They learn working skills, learn job descriptions and job of the engineering and technical personnel, collect information for their further course works and theses.
Our university collaborates with both foreign and local firms and companies. Among them are Pasha Construction, Holcim, Knauf etc. Besides the university laboratories such as Holcim, Pasha Construction, students will be able to visit a real construction site. 
Students visiting a construction sitewill get an understanding how the theoretical knowledge is fitted in practice. They will have an opportunity to see the construction of extraordinary and already built “Luna project”, which is now in process of construction.
During the cultural program as well as excursions, students will visit places of interest and extraordinary samples of modern architecture such as Crystal Hall, Yarat, Maiden Tower, Heydar Aliyev Center.