Lessons conducted in the labs of AzUAC
       Labs and education centers of Azerbaijan University of Architecture and Construction with modern equipment meeting modern requirements create great opportunities for our students. They learn the theoretical knowledge according to their qualifications, and apply the knowledge in practice at the university's laboratories.[[CUT]]
       The Laboratory of Adhesive Materials and Concrete Testing Laboratory, launched by Holcim in AzUAC in 2015, is the largest base for students studying at the Faculty of Construction Technology. The modern equipment placed in the laboratory allows the testing to be performed in full compliance with European standards. Mahira Aghazadeh, the Head of the Laboratory, and the Department of Adhesive Materials and Concrete Technology, says that students are particularly interested in laboratory classes. "Students get familiar with the construction materials and chemical products here. At the same time, they conduct experiments and expand their theoretical knowledge. We allow them to conduct a test by themselves.
       In the lessons, we study the normal density of cement dough and other ingredients used in the construction. For example, in today's lesson, together with the group No. 695 of the Faculty of Construction Technology, we have determined the normal density of cement dough with the help of Vika . The lesson was very interesting, and the students were enthusiastic".

2017-10-09 18:19:18